Team Canada and Hudson’s Bay unveil Tokyo 2020 uniform kit

Team Canada and its Official Outfitter Hudson’s Bay have released the team kit for Tokyo 2020.

The clothing included in the Team Canada Collection is not only stylish, but functional, featuring sweat-wicking, light fabrics to keep athletes cool and comfortable, no matter the weather.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Collection that is available for purchase at followed by a Q&A with the design team at Hudson’s Bay.

Q: What are some of the environmental and other factors that played into the technical features of the kit?

As the Official Outfitter of Team Canada, Hudson’s Bay considers the climate of each of the host cities for the Collection we are designing. For Tokyo, we considered not only the heat but the likely possibility of rain and the use of air conditioning. These factors informed our process in the fabrics and style selections.

Some examples – the Opening Ceremony jacket is lightweight and water resistant. The t-shirts are made of fast dry, lightweight jersey. The Collection is a seamless blend of fashion and functionality.

Q: Was there anything distinctly Canadian that Hudson’s Bay designers wanted to integrate in the kit? 

Yes – we love the twist on the iconic Canadian tuxedo for the Closing Ceremony look.

We also love adding small design details – for example the Opening Ceremony jacket features a bold Maple Leaf centered on the back with 13 stripes representing the unity of Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories.

Q: Tokyo has a rich culture and history, how did that play into the designs and/or features of the kit?

We aimed to achieve a balance of respect for the host country and celebration of our Canadian athletes. We designed a harmonious graphic that pays tribute to both countries’ national flags and it is used across all elements of the athlete kit.

Tokyo is also known for its street art and fashion. We paid tribute to this in the must-have piece of the Collection – the forever cool jean jacket. The graffiti graphic and unexpected patch placements capture a youthful & celebratory feel. 

Q: How does the kit design/technical features differ from ones at previous Games?

We are first and foremost inspired by our amazing athletes and the vision of that moment of Team Canada making their debut on the world style. In terms of our approach to both technical features and overall design, we are always influenced by the personality of the host country and therefore the designs will always be unique. 

Q: Does this kit have something new that Hudson’s Bay hasn’t done before?

Yes! While the denim jacket is not a new piece to the athlete kit, this time we partnered with Levi’s to create the celebratory Closing Ceremony look.

Want to dress like an Olympian? Well, look no further – many pieces of the kit are now available for purchase at Hudson’s Bay, both online at and in stores.