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Racing to Zero – YYC Sustainability Passport Contest

Enter for a chance to win 1 of 20 prize packs!

Racing to Zero – YYC, founded by two-time Olympian Seyi Smith and Olympian Oliver Scholfield, is a Sport & Sustainability project focused on helping community track and field meets in Calgary be as environmentally sustainable as possible. Part of the overall plan is to inform the minds of the athletics community on important sustainability facts and on what they can do to play their part in our global #ClimateComeback. Calgary is the first stop, but the plan is to expand to other sports and other cities!

Racing to Zero- YYC and the Canadian Olympic School Program are offering a contest, open to all legal residents of Canada, to encourage sustainability education, it is called the Racing to Zero – YYC Sustainability Passport. Test your knowledge on plastic waste, water consumption, and transportation and you will have a chance to win one of 20 prize packs including Racing to Zero- YYC and COC branded pins and a COSP reusable water bottle!

How to enter the Racing to Zero – YYC Sustainability Passport contest?

  1. Read the contest Rules and Regulations
  2. Complete the Racing to Zero -YYC Sustainability Passport Quiz
  3. Obtain a score of 100% for your name to be entered in the contest
  4. If you do not obtain a score of 100%, keep trying as perfect practice makes perfect!

Contest begins on June 11, 2021 and ends of September 1, 2021

Complete the Racing to Zero -YYC Sustainability Passport Quiz HERE

Racing to Zero -YYC Supporters

IOC – The International Olympic Committee (IOC) provided our initial seed money and continues to support us with technical resources through Yunus Sports Hub and the support of the IOC Young Leaders community.

COC – The Canadian Olympic Committee (COC) awarded Racing to Zero – YYC their 2021 OLY Canada Legacy Grant, and also provides support via their Canadian Olympic School Program service.

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