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Canadian Women’s Gymnastics Team Upgraded to Bronze Medal

The PASO Executive Committee voted unanimously this morning to disqualify the third-place Mexican women’s gymnastics team due to an accreditation issue and upgrade the Canadian women’s gymnastics team to a bronze medal in the team competition.

During the team competition on Saturday, July 14, a Mexican gymnast competing in the event was accredited as an official (“As” accreditation), not as an athlete (“Ao” accreditation), a breach of PASO rules which require that competing athletes must be properly accredited prior to the start of competition.

Gymnastics technical officials onsite noticed the discrepancy during the competition and reported it to PASO. After an investigation, the PASO Executive Committee made the decision to disqualify the Mexican team this morning.

The Canadian women’s team that competed on Saturday was made up of Stephanie Desjardins-Labelle, 15, of Gatineau, Que.; Peng Peng Lee, 14, of Richmond Hill, Ont.; Ti Liu, 14 of Montreal; Charlotte Mackie, 13, Coquitlam, B.C.; Brittany Rogers, 14, Coquitlam, B.C.; and Emma Willis, 14, Sarnia, Ont.

As the Canadian women’s artistic gymnastics team has departed from Rio de Janeiro and is in transit to Canada, the medals will be delivered to the Canadian Olympic Committee for presentation to the team.