All Canadians Can Join Molson Mural Project

Just off English Bay and over Vanier Park sits Vancouver’s Molson brewery. One side of the brewery’s facade is being transformed into one of the largest photo mosaics ever erected in Canada. It’s called the “2010 Mural Project” and it’s all about building Olympic spirit in all Canadians.

Molson is taking advantage of its Kitsilano brewery’s ideal location at the foot of the busy Burrard Street bridge to showcase unique, personal Olympic support. The massive mural is slowly being unveiled in pieces and will eventually cover a 4,000 square-foot section of the brewery.

It is made entirely of individual photographs taken by Canadians from coast to coast. Anyone of legal drinking age is encouraged to show their Olympic passion in uploading a personal photograph at

Each photo will blend with thousands of others, a mammoth collage from which an Olympic image and message will gradually emerge. Right before the start of the 2010 Winter Games, Molson will reveal the final mural in an attempt to show Canada’s Olympians and Paralympians that the country stands with them in support.

There, on Burrard Street, the multitude of faces will remain throughout the Games, a lasting image of Canadian Olympic pride.

Stay tuned for an announcement from Molson later this month with details on the mural project and specifications on finding and accessing uploaded photos within a digital version of the mosaic.