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Biathletes: Quotes From the 2010 Olympic Winter Games


Zina Kocher: “That was just awesome, we didn’t have any expectations and it was well beyond our expectations. There’s an amazing crowd out there. We went just like we were walking down a different location, to be part of the whole ceremony.”

Rosanna Crawford: “It was so exciting out there to see almost the whole town of Whistler out to cheer us on, it has just made everything so much more real, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

Megan Imrie: “This is really inspiring to be here right now and suddenly all this time I’ve waited for this day, for so long, and now it’s really real.”


Megan Tandy had the best finish of the day, placing 46th in today’s 7.5 km sprint. When asked about competing with fellow rookie Rosanna Crawford she said: “We are both first time seniors who’ve come up through the ranks together so coming into the competition as some of the younger competitors and both shooting clean was awesome, it shows that we have our reigns in the right place.”

Megan Imrie finished 76th in today’s 7.5km sprint: “My legs were shaking like leaves and it was a struggle because of the soft sloppy conditions. My shooting has been really good leading up to the Olympics so I am confident that the next couple races will go really well.”

Jean Philippe Le Guellec, after his official training session: “Today was more or less like yesterday, but less difficult. Also, the conditions are harder. So, we have to be careful. The shooting went well; there was not too much wind. I am happy because the last few days were calm including today’s conditions. I hope to have similar conditions tomorrow.”


Jean Phillippe Le Guellec: “I am very happy with my results. I stayed in the race all the time. The conditions were certainly a problem, but for all athletes. When it started to rain, the conditions became faster.”

Geret Coyne – head coach, team leader: “We are all incredibly happy for Jean Phillippe. He achieved the best men’s result at an Olympic Games for Canada and he did it at home and that is the best we can hope for at the moment. Also, this sets him up really well for the pursuit race that is coming up in a few days. That race is now wide open and JP has a shot at the Podium, especially if he continues to build on the strengths he showcased today.”

Jean Paquet – assistant coach: “Jean Phillippe Le Guellec went faster than what we expected. I know that this will have an impact on his results. He had a good result after his first race, and he also completed it rapidly.”


Jean Phillippe Le Guellec post-race, 12.5 km pursuit, 11th place:

“You can’t control what the others do, so what’s the point of getting bad blood. I was with a good pack, I kept up with them today and had a good race. I am pleased with my 11th place finish.”

Megan Tandy post-race, 36th place 10km pursuit:

“I would say it was my best performance this season. I shot 19 for 20 and what a great feeling to be able to put together a good ski with good shooting here at home at the Olympic Games with all my family and friends and supporters watching, it was special.”


Megan Imrie pre-15km individual race:

“The sun is shining today and I know it’s going to be hot and again tomorrow, I just hope our shooting is just as hot.”

Rosanna Crawford pre-15km individual race:

“Tomorrow is our 15km race, our longest individual race where shooting matters the most and seeing as I am a sniper I am really looking forward to it.”

Zina Kocher pre -15km individual race:

“Today’s just an absolutely beautiful day and I am just loving life and loving skiing right now. I can’t wait to get out there tomorrow and fight back for a strong finish.”


Jean Philippe Le Guellec after his 3rd record and a new record for a Canadian man at the Olympic Games. He placed 13th:

“I did the best I could, I shot 18 for 20 which is not good enough for the podium but I am happy with my performance.”

Megan Tandy, 50th place in 15km Individual:

“I felt pretty decent on the ski trails, defiantly fatigued on the last loop though. I had hoped for a top 30 which I had the ability to do but that obviously didn’t come together in the end. I am a little disappointed but overall I am satisfied with my race.”


Jean Philippe Leguellec, training, the day before the mass start event:

“Another nice day before the race, and I hope to have the same weather tomorrow, with lots of sun and heat. Everything is going fine, and this race is really enjoyable.”


Jean Philippe Le Guellec, mass start

“Honestly, it’s my fourth race, so it has to do more with fatigue. Mentally, when things go so well during a week, you got to experience some fatigue. I was feeling well on the course today, so it has to do with mental fatigue. On the other hand I don’t really know what happened, because the first part of the competition was more tactical, the leaders had a good rhythm.”


Zina Kocher , pre-event, 4×6 km relay:

“The Olympics are really about inspiring kids at home who are watching on TV. I’m connected with my elementary school back in Red Deer. I know that they are all watching all my races and I hope that when I’m out there tomorrow doing the relay and having fun that they are watching and cheering me on and looking forward to their own Olympic Games in the future”

Rosanna Crawford pre-event, 4×6 km relay:

“Well I’m the new girl to the team, but we all click really well and this will be our first relay with all four of us. This is some pretty exciting stuff and we’re all really strong singers to be able to go out there and wear the maple leaf proudly and know that we have family and friends cheering for us, this is just going to be an incredible event.”

Megan Imrie – pre-event, 4×6 km relay:

“Leading into the relay, it’s so important for our team to work together and sharpen our skills on the range, but it’s absolutely vital for us to be having fun and enjoying the day tomorrow and that’s what it’s all about for us.”


Megan Imrie midway through the final 4×6 km relay:

“Before I arrived here, I had just read a message from Clara Hughes that she has written and posted in our Canadian Athlete Lounge and it said ‘Just enjoy these moments because they will be unlike any other for the rest of your life”. And so when I was on the start line today, I just felt so proud and so excited to be there that I just wanted to burst into a big smile”

Zina Kocher, 4×6 km relay, 15th place

“We are the youngest team out there and we now have a lot to reflect on and prepare for in the next four years.”

Megan Tandy, 15th place 4×6 km relay

“We are a young team with a tonne of room for growth and development. For myself personally, every year I see an improvement in my ability as an athlete and I am still in a developmental stage.”


Rosanna Crawford

“I am excited for the closing ceremony. It is going to be amazing to walk in with the Canadian flag and hear everyone cheering for us. It will be a nice finish to the Games to walk in knowing we are now Olympians.”

Megan Imrie

“I would tell young girls who are watching us compete on television to find a group of their best friends and get out on their skis because it is all about loving what you do.”


Robin Clegg, 10th place after his leg of relay:

“My job during the first leg is very tactical, my responsibility is just to stay with the pack and not loose my place so the boys after me can come out strong. The home crowd was surreal, we are used to hearing it for the German’s so it was amazing to hear it for us.”

Brendan Green, 10th place after his leg of relay:

“It’s been a challenge because there has been so much hype about the race so we’ve just been trying to focus on what we need to do. We had the intention of going for it and doing our best and so far so good.”

Jean-Philippe Le Geullec, 10th place after relay:

“It was an awesome race today! Robin came out strong and put Marco in a really good place; Marco did his best and put Brendan in a really good place as well. We were hoping for a top-six finish but we are pleased with our performance today.”