Ski Jumpers: Quotes From the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

Nordic Combined


Jason Myslicki, following the Individual 10 KM Cross Country Race, finished 45th:

“That event was definitely a bundle of mixed emotions. Obviously, I was excited to get on that start line to attempt to perform for all the fans and for myself and to celebrate all that I’ve done in the last couple of years . However, once I got on that course, It didn’t take long for me to realize that it wasn’t there, and that hurt. Luckily, I had a lot of people to help me through that pain and that is what really got me through to the finish line.”

Jason Myslicki finished 43rd after the ski-jumping portion:

“I am a little sad because my jumping today wasn’t up to what I am capable of. I would have liked to land farther down the hill so I could compete with the head of the pack, but at the same time it is comparable to what I’ve been doing all week. It is a tough competition but I hope to have a strong and strategic race so move up a few spots.”


Jason Myslicki, 44th place post-competition

“It is nice to be done, it’s been a difficult couple weeks. Competition didn’t go as imagined but it was a postive experience and I am proud of the journey I took. I hope it sets a standard for future Nordic Combined athletes here in Canada.”

Ski Jumping


Trevor Morrice: “I felt pretty good. I’m right in there with everybody else. Kind of just below everybody, but definitely a lot better than what I expected. I feel privileged and happy to be here.”

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes: Felt quite a bit better than yesterday and the day before. Did a normal jump! A good feeling in the air.”

Stefan Read: Disappointed on my jump. It should have been better. Should have gotten at least 95 metres. Can work on it this week, and it should be better next week.”

Eric Mitchell: Amazing, first jumper and a great jump for me today. Nothing like having a home field in Canada, and the crowd giving me all the support that they can. It was a great jump on my hill. I look forward to more jumps and future jumps on the World Cup.”


Eric Mitchell, Finished 51st after LH Individual Qualification Round

“Today I didn’t have a stellar first round in the qualification. But that’s okay I wouldn’t trade this for the world, the crowd here is amazing and it’s an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life and hopefully I will get a chance to compete again in future Olympics.”

Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, Ranked 45th after LH Individual Qualification Round

“I expected quite a bit more of myself and didn’t really perform as well as I planned and I am not very happy about it. However it is done now, so I’ll keep on going.”

Stefan Read, Finished 36th after the LH Individual Qualification Round, Ski Jumping

“The jump was great. It was fun and I pushed really hard, tried to keep it smooth and relaxed. So hopefully it will be good enough to qualify for tomorrow.”

Trevor Morrice, Finished 49th after jump on Large Hill

“It felt pretty good, my qualification jump was definitely better than all of my training jumps so that was great”.


Stefan Read: Qualifier, finished 46th, does not qualify for final round

“It’s a beautiful day today and the crowds are amazing. Unfortunately they lowered the jump which made the conditions tough for me and didn’t have a great jump today.”


Brent Morrice :

“The athletes performed really well, we were extremely driven in the normal hill event and the large hill event. I’m very pleased, the guys are happy, they jumped well and were very competitive. So now we have to go back and look at the program and see where to go next”

Stefan Read, finished 5th and the team finished 12th:

“I just came out to try and have some fun, what with this being my last jump of the games. I just tried to enjoy the last little bit of this, especially with mom and dad and friends out in the stands. I just tried to have fun and this has just been the greatest experience.”

Eric Mitchell, ranked 32nd after ski jumping team trial round:

“I am really happy to be here today. I thought it was a really good performance by team. It’s great to have the ability to improve for the next Olympics and really work as hard as we can to be in a great spot for the following competition.”

Trevor Morrice, after team trial round, finished 35th:

“The jump itself went okay. The most important thing is that we came out today hoping to have fun and I think that’s what we definitely did.”