Torch passes by Canada Olympic House

The Canadian Olympic House was in the hub of  excitement Thursday as the Olympic torch passed by Canada’s home base in Central London today in Trafalgar Square.

Those at the House got a bird’s-eye view of the torch despite a growing crowd of thousands.

With the torch having toured all the boroughs in London, it is getting closer to the Olympic Park, meaning the Opening Ceremony is Friday as excitement builds.

Canadians present saw Kate Nestbitt carry the torch. Nesbitt is in the Royal Navy and has spent time in Afghanistan. The 24-year-old is the first woman in the Royal Navy to receive the Military Cross.

Also carrying the torch was 15-year-old Patrick Kane who has survived a horrific illness since a young age. He is an inspiration for all as he has never given up.

The Opening Ceremonies begin 8 p.m. local time with a pre-show and a feature show to follow at 9 p.m.