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Golden moment at Canada Olympic House

Canada Olympic House was bursting with energy during Rosie MacLennan’s gold medal celebration on Day 10.

COC president Marcel Aubut congratulated the trampoline gymnast, outlining her journey from Vancouver 2010 volunteer to London 2012 champion.

Rosie volunteered at Canada Olympic House during the Vancouver winter Games,” he said. “She was in charge of the wall that features photos of the medal winners. Now, here in London, she’s the one in the photo.”

Alex Orlando, who represented Canada alongside MacLennan as a gymnast in Beijing, spoke on behalf of the Canadian Olympic Team’s chef de mission, Mark Tewskbury, and his assistant chef de mission, Sylvie Bernier.

I’ve had the honour of watching Rosie grow into such a strong, fierce, determined competitor,” said Orlando. “I was there when Rosie volunteered in Vancouver and she never stopped smiling. She was the only athlete who was still competing and training and who took time off to give back to our athletes.”

MacLennan’s rosy demeanor shined through as she acknowledged her teammates Jason Burnett and Karen Cockburn for their role in her victory.

My two teammates, Jason and Karen, I can’t even describe how much they mean to me,” said MacLennan. “Karen is a true champion. She’s been my role model since the age of nine. Then I started training with her and got the courage to talk to her and she became one of my closest friends. There’s no way I’d be where I am if it wasn’t for her.”

MacLennan also thanked her family and late grandfather for the passion they sparked in her.

Thank you doesn’t even describe what my family has done for me,” she said. “My grandfather is on my mind a lot. The values and the way I approach competition and the preparation has been very much influenced by him. He’s been there with me throughout the entire process in a way.”