• Ellen McCann wins gold in Digital Products
  • Serena Adatia and Taran Kandhola win double gold in Kardashian knowledge, beating out Ellen for the title

A day in the life of snowboarder Caroline Calvé

Caroline Calvé is a veteran of the Canadian women’s alpine snowboard team who was the first female Canadian alpine snowboarder to win a World Cup.

At Sochi 2014, the parallel slalom will join the parallel giant slalom giving Calvé two chances at an Olympic medal.  She finished third in the World Cup parallel standings in the 2012-13 season so her road to Sochi is right on track.  Follow along as she takes us through a day in her life.

7:35 A.M.

7:49 A.M.

8:39 A.M.

9:24 A.M.

12:22 P.M.

3:48 P.M.

5:03 P.M.

7:02 P.M.

8:39 P.M.

11:22 P.M.