Fun for the fans: the best mascots in sports is currently featuring a series exploring sports fans.

Mascots have become a huge part of sports, with some gaining as much fame as the players they support.

Whether they’re performing crazy stunts or taunting opposing players, mascots always find a way to excite and entertain the crowd.

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Here are some of our favourite mascots in sports:

The Raptor (Toronto Raptors)

Known around the NBA for his high-flying stunts, the Raptor and his mini inflatable cousin have become staples at Raps games. Instead of replacing the Raptor when he tore his Achilles tendon before last season, the Raps brought in an understudy, Stripes.

Harvey the Hound (Calgary Flames & Stampeders)

Harvey was the NHL’s first official mascot and has also spent time supporting the Calgary Stampeders. He famously taunted Edmonton Oilers coach Craig MacTavish, forcing MacT to rip out his tongue.

San Diego Chicken (San Diego Padres)

The Famous Chicken started making unofficial appearances at San Diego Padres games, eventually becoming the team’s official mascot. The Chicken was best known for taunting opposing teams and mascots. He even had his own baseball cards.

Youppi (Montreal Expos & Canadiens)

Originally the mascot of the Montreal Expos, Youppi was adopted by the Habs once the Expos left town (the first mascot ever to switch from the MLB to the NHL). Youppi was the first mascot to be thrown out of a Major League Baseball game.

Phillie Phanatic (Philadelphia Phillies)

One of three mascots officially inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame (along with Mr Met and Slider), the Phanatic is best known for ripping around the field on his Phillies ATV.

Wild Wing (Anaheim Ducks)

Known for his crazy entrances, Wild Wing has been the official mascot of the team since they joined the NHL in 1993. The life-sized duck almost became a menu item after a failed attempt to jump through a wall of fire.

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Ragnar (Minnesota Vikings)

One of the only real-life mascots in pro sports, Ragnar the Viking regularly heckles fans in the stands and can be seen riding around the field on a motorcycle.

Rally Monkey (Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim)

Originally the monkey from Ace Ventura, the Rally Monkey first appeared in 2000, when he rallied the Angels to a comeback victory. The rally monkey gained notoriety during the Angels run to the World Series in 2002, sparking several amazing comebacks.

Go the Gorilla (Phoenix Suns)

Go was one of the first mascot to include trampolines in his routine, regularly performing amazing high-flying dunks to entertain fans.

Racing Sausages (Milwaukee Brewers)

Originally a scoreboard animated, the Sausage Races are now performed before the sixth inning of every Brewers home game. The five racers are: Brett Wurst the bratwurst, Stosh Jonjak the Polish sausage, Guido the Italian sausage, Frankie Furter the hot dog, and Cinco the chorizo.

Benny the Bull (Chicago Bulls)

One of the NBA’s longest tenured mascots, Benny has been a staple at Bulls games for years. Benny is a star in Chicago, making around 250 appearances a year aside from NBA games.

Komak (Canadian Olympic Team)

One of the younger sports mascots out there, Komak and his Canada-shaped antlers can regularly be found entertaining kids at school visits and pumping up Team Canada fans.

Komak 1340

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