Manny Osborne-Paradis back on a World Cup podium

Manuel Osborne-Paradis finished second in the Downhill at today’s World Cup stop in Kvitfjell, Norway to make it two trips to the podium this season.

Osborne-Paradis had a great ski to finish only three-tenths of a second behind first place finisher Hannes Reichel of Austria. Manny was the fastest clocked skier on the day, hitting speeds of over 150 km/h.

Following the race Osborne-Paradis said: “I’m so happy that it worked out and happy to be on the podium. I want to get good results and I want to be part of the show and it’s fun when you actually are.”

The three-time Olympian also finished second in the Downhill at this year’s first World Cup stop at Lake Louise, Alberta. However, since then the 31-year old has suffered through some bad crashes and dealt with several injuries.

“I’ve been dealing with multiple issues, falling a lot and my body not being 100 per cent,” he says. “It’s just been a couple of races for my mind to realize that my body is 100 per cent and I should be pushing hard. I wrapped my head around it today. I was shocked seeing the video when I came down. I got down and I’m in second and I thought ‘no way’. It’s just great.”

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Osborne-Paradis seems to have a love for the course in Kvitfjell, as this was his third time being on the podium there. Saturday’s second-place downhill finish follows his back-to-back first and third-place downhill finishes in 2009.