Role of the Canadian Olympic Committee

The COC is responsible for all aspects of Canada’s involvement in the Olympic Movement, including:

  • Canada’s participation in the Olympic, Pan American and Youth Olympic Games
  • Managing a wide variety of cultural and educational programs promoting Olympic values in Canada
  • Additional grassroots programs where communities develop and promote the Olympic values at all levels
  • Selecting and supporting Canadian cities in bids to host Olympic, Olympic Winter and Pan American Games

As one of the founding partners of Canadian Sport Centres across Canada, the COC is dedicated to providing athletes with the most comprehensive services available. These range from offering career counseling to stress management and much more. The COC is also continually developing new services for the future so our athletes can work, train and live to be their very best.

The COC is an internationally recognized leader in the fields of marketing and education. We work to promote sport as a positive and powerful force for all Canadians. In so doing, the COC will help ensure that sport continues to contribute to Canadians’ physical, social and moral development from coast to coast to coast.


Canada is a world leader in sport inspired by the passion and performance of the Canadian Olympic Team.


To lead the achievement of the Canadian Olympic Team’s podium success and to advance the Olympic values in Canada.