Order of Chiron

The Canadian Olympic Foundation has established the Order of Chiron to honour visionary patrons of sport whose outstanding contribution ($1M+) will lead Canada’s next Olympic heroes to victory.

In the birthplace of the Olympic Games, the Ancient Greeks recounted the legend of the centaur, Chiron. Wise and just, he was a revered teacher who devoted himself to training the most celebrated heroes of Olympus. It was said that Heracles, Achilles, Perseus and Jason owed their triumphs to his mentorship.

Without Chiron, the most glorious exploits of Greek legend would not have been possible. Heracles would not have completed his Twelve Labours, Achilles would not have defeated the Trojans, Perseus would not have beheaded Medusa, and Jason and the Argonauts would not have recovered the Golden Fleece. These feats inspired the creation of the first Olympic Games to recognize excellence in human athleticism.

Today, we may no longer worship the gods of Olympus, but we still have Olympic heroes. And each of them requires a Chiron of their own.

Like the legendary centaur, recipients of the Order of Chiron humbly provide the vital support that our Canadian Olympians need to attain greatness. On behalf of our young athletes, it is with profound gratitude that the Canadian Olympic Foundation bestows the Order of Chiron on individuals who have demonstrated exceptional philanthropic leadership. Their generous support will propel a generation of Olympians to become Canada’s heroes of tomorrow.