• Ellen McCann wins gold in Digital Products
  • Serena Adatia and Taran Kandhola win double gold in Kardashian knowledge, beating out Ellen for the title

Team Canada

We believe that winning matters.

Canada’s Olympic athletes bring our country’s values of excellence, fairness, human development, leadership and peace to life. Few sights inspire national pride and unite the country as powerfully as the Canadian flag flying above all others on the Olympic podium. Canadians are cheering louder than ever. We now expect our athletes to win.

The Canadian Olympic Foundation supports Team Canada by funding the following high performance sport programs and initiatives:


The Canadian Olympic Foundation supports Team Canada by funding high performance sport programs recommended by Own the Podium (OTP). In order to maximize Canada’s Olympic podium results, OTP directs these funds to sports with the greatest medal potential. The money is used to achieve excellence in coaching, technical leadership, training, competition, and sports science and medical support.

OTP is an innovative and collaborative initiative without precedent in Canadian sport.  It was created in 2005 to bring together the key parties involved in leading and funding excellence in Canadian sport, with specific emphasis on achieving excellence at Olympic and Olympic Winter Games.  OTP determines the funding allocations for each sport, prioritizing those with a higher potential for podium results.  This funding has made it possible for sports to hire world-class coaches and technical support staff and has given our nation’s best athletes access to world-class sport science and sport medicine personnel.  OTP then closely monitors and evaluates the progress of targeted Olympic sports through regular interactions and consultation with OTP’s high performance advisors and the national sport organizations.

Denny Morrison Lucas Makowsky Mathieu Giroux


The Canadian Olympic Foundation’s partner, Own the Podium, pursues excellence with a sport innovation and applied sport research program. The overall goal of this approach is to increase the frequency of Canadian podium appearances at World Championships and Olympic Games through strategically designed performance enhancement projects.


The programs funded under Games Preparation and Podium Performance provide the Canadian Olympic Team with critical support in the final months leading up to the Games, and ensure there is a world class at-Games environment that will maximize an athlete’s performance. The Olympic Excellence Series, a series of seminars and programs are implemented to help educate, motivate and inspire athletes, coaches and support staff to build a cohesive environment that will ultimately produce the best Games results.

During the Games, Canada’s Olympic Team is provided with the best health services available by a team of care specialists, state of the art performance technology equipment and support, and a superior training environment in order to help alleviate external concerns and to provide services that increase Canada’s podium standings. These programs are delivered by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

Jon Montgomery