Olympic Education

The Canadian Olympic School Program (COSP) has operated since 1987, and provides teachers and students across Canada with Olympic-themed classroom and school resources.

The program has seen a tremendous increase in membership use over the past five years. In fact, since 2007, there has been an increase of over 400% in membership with almost 66,000 participants. The program has been used in all Canadian provinces and viewed/used by 122 countries world-wide.

Learn more about COSP at www.olympicschool.ca

Program Primary Objectives:

  • Promote the Olympic values and inspire the application of these values in the lives of Canadian teachers and students daily
  • Increase awareness of the Canadian Olympic Team amongst teachers and students nationwide (sharing stories of the Canadian Olympians journey)
  • Engage Canadians in the Olympic Movement

Secondary Objectives:

  • Promote healthy active living at all levels
  • Challenge students to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyles through healthy behaviours such as: reducing screen time to less than 2 hours a day; eating 5 to 8 servings of vegetable and fruit; daily physical activity and focusing on positive thoughts that lead to a belief in self.

The resources available for 2012 include 10 Modules, targeting students (grade 2 to grade 12 levels). These modules are as follows:

  • Athlete Story – Jennifer Abel – Leadership
  • Athlete Story – Mary Spencer – Respect
  • Athlete Story – Simon Whitfield – Healthy Active Living
  • COSP Challenge
  • Cultural Olympiad
  • Destination London
  • Multimedia campaign
  • Summer Sports Day
  • Training Log
  • Teachers’ Guide

New Resources developed for 2012; 

  • Training Log (grade 6 and up): Focusing on comprehensive health and holistic wellbeing. A team of professionals appointed to the Canadian Mission Team who will be working with Canadian athletes in London, 2012 (Chef Medical Officer, doctors, dietitian, mental training consultant, physio therapist) share their knowledge and offer advice to students, including the up and coming athletes.
  • Cultural Olympiad:  Considering that the Olympic Games reach far beyond sport, these international multi-sport Games also feature both local and international cultural and art components, featuring well known artists from across the Word.  .  This module was created in conjunction with Burke Taylor (Executive Producer for Vancouver’s 2010 Cultural Olympiad) and Francesca Canty (UK and International Cultural Programmes and Partnerships Manager). This module supports the Language Arts, Social Studies, History and Arts areas.
  • Multimedia Campaign: Focusing on the social media means for promoting Canadian Olympians, the Olympic Games and other related activities, students are challenged to create their own multimedia “campaign”.  The younger students can focus on more traditional ways (print, radio or television) or new emerging social media trends (Facebook, Twitter, You tube, etc.).   The older students prepare requests for proposal (RFP) and present their ideas to the executive director of marketing (teacher).   Looking forward to seeing their campaigns!
  • Summer Sports Day: Catch the excitement of the London 2012 Olympic Games by hosting a School Summer Sports Day. Enjoy the fun of eighteen modified versions of the summer sports in the Olympic Games program. This is your chance to let your students experience their own Olympic Games. By participating in modified versions of some of the summer sports in the Olympic program, students will possess a better understanding of the sports, athletes’ journeys, Olympic values and be equipped in getting behind Canada’s Olympic Team during the London 2012 Olympic Games.  This module will be released in the spring, creating that buzz for the Olympic Games and to get the students outside being active.
  • Athletes’ Stories: In adding to the many stories already shared through COSP (previous years), three new stories will be featured focusing on leadership, respect and healthy active living.  Each athlete’s story, featuring a well-known Canadian Olympian or Olympic hopeful, is brought to life with activities that engage students in literacy, physical activity, character challenges, numeracy extensions and audio and video podcasts.  Take time to view and listen to the many stories shared by various Canadian Olympians.

Modules – improved and updated for 2012

  • Destination London
  • Teachers’ Guide
  • COSP Challenge

These Modules have been revised to reflect the 2012 Olympic Games.  Learn about Canada’s top summer athletes and the Host Country. Accept the challenge set by the athletes for you to become your best and to adopt the Olympic values in taking on and maintaining healthy lifestyles. We all have a role to play in helping Canadian children and youth adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Are you up for the Challenge?