Three women running

Lucia Stafford


A Little More About Lucia

Getting into the Sport: Joined her school cross country team in grade four, and started at the club level in grade eight. Grew up doing Irish Dance, which proved to be a great base for track and cross country. It turns out many of the high performance Canadian track athletes used to be Irish Dancers… Drawn to running because she loves the feeling of being really in tune with her body and in really good shape. Is also very competitive and running is an individual sport that heavily relies on a competitive edge and ability to push yourself beyond what you thought you were capable of… Has wanted to represent Canada since watching her older sister, Gabriela, compete and how proud she was of her. Also a very proud Canadian and loves competing against other countries to show them who the best country really is!… Biggest athletic inspiration have been her sister and father, ‘they have taught me what it’s like to achieve greatness and how perspective and altering expectations can be very crucial in finding  success  and happiness in this sport’… Outside Interests: Working on a Civil Engineering degree at the University of Toronto… Would like to pursue a career as an architect or urban planner, something in the realm of civil and environmental engineering… Loves the arts, paints, sings, plays guitar. Enjoys riding her bike, hiking, swimming, skating, skiing, rock climbing or taking camping trips… Affiliated with Light the Night, a local cancer charity… Odds and Ends: Sister, Gabriela DeBues-Stafford, is also a member of the Canadian Olympic Team. Father, James Stafford, represented Canada at 4 World Cross Country Championships… Favourite motto: “Respect all, fear none”… Likes to have pasta the night before a race, also likes to have a trademark part of her appearance so that she stands out in a certain way, whether it is with a bow in her hair, a scrunchy or braids… Collects keychains or other knick-knacks from her competition locations…

Notable International Results

FISU Universiade: 2019 - 5th (1500m), 5th (4x400m relay) World Athletics Championships (junior): 2016 - 13th (1500m) Pan American Championships (junior): 2017 - GOLD (1500m)