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Damian Warner holds a Canadian flag

Hitting the Ground Running – Damian Warner

Athletes are strong and inventive. They are able to overcome many challenges that can get in the way of their goals. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, athletes knew they had to figure out a way to train at home. Not letting the inconveniences of the pandemic get them down, some athletes have made the best out of a difficult situation.

Ingenuity and safety were at top of mind for Olympic bronze medallist Damian Warner who competes in 10 different disciplines as a decathlete. He knew with the colder months approaching it was going to be a hard task to train at the level he needed to be fully prepared for Tokyo. Being community-focused and thinking outside the box, he came up with an idea.

With the help of his coach, Western University and donors, Damian was able to take a vacant ice rink and turn it into a full indoor training facility. While an ice rink is not originally designed to be used as a track, for long jump, or a pole vault pit, Damian, like many Team Canada athletes, embodies resilience and proved that this new training facility would help him achieve success.

Athletes have been able to adapt to their new environments, learning the best ways to train in facilities that aren’t designed for it and in climates that don’t allow for it. Athletes like Damian Warner may have been faced with adversity, but by adapting and staying focused there is always a positive outcome. Teaching us all that we can persevere.

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Go Damian Go!