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Ways To Give

Daily training, year-round coaching, proper nutrition, national and international competitions and state of the art equipment are all essential in propelling our athletes to the top of the podium. With the support of our donors, we enable Canadians and Canadian athletes to strive for greatness. We empower our country to join together to do something remarkable: to bring the world to its feet. The following are ways that you can support Team Canada.

Individual Giving

Whether it is a first-time donation, a one-time gift or a monthly contribution your gift will make an immediate impact in our athletes’ lives and enable them to reach their fullest potential. If you wish to make a donation by cheque, you can send it to our mailing address:

Canadian Olympic Foundation
250 Yonge Street, Suite 3000
P.O Box #19
Toronto, ON
M5B 2L7

If you prefer by phone please call and we can take your information in securely and confidentially at 1-888-370-7073 or you can contact Amanda Grydziuszko, Philanthropic Manager, Impact Giving at 416-805-6290 or email at

To make a donation online, please click the button below.

Major Gifts, Awards and Foundations

Generous donations – of $10,000 or more – have a powerful impact on Team Canada athletes and enable them to achieve their dreams. Creating an award, donating through your Foundation or making a sizable personal donation will help athletes on their journey to the podium. For more information on these initiatives, please contact Sean Reczulski, Manager, Major Gifts at 647-354-1891 or by email at

Gifts of Securities

When you make a gift of securities to the Canadian Olympic Foundation, you are making an immediate impact on Team Canada, while not having to pay taxes on capital gains. You will also receive a tax receipt for the closing price recorded on the day the securities are received into our account. Securities can include stocks, mutual funds, segregated funds, bonds, flow-through shares and employee stock options. You can give now, or as part of your estate and will planning.  For further information or to notify us of a transfer so we can show our appreciation please contact Selga Apse, Director of Operations and Sport Giving by phone at 416-254-6836 or by email at

Please click the button below to fill out the form directly.


An event can be an experience of a lifetime that helps to fundraise for Team Canada athletes. From the smallest fundraiser to the large tournaments or dinners, raising money while connecting with the Olympic Movement will make a large impact on athletes across the country. Learn more by contacting Jillian Philipp, Manager, Major Gifts & Olympic Adventure by phone 416-578-8747 or by email at


Your gift to the Canadian Olympic Foundation Endowment is an investment in our talented athletes, coaches and our sport system for years to come. As the capital is never spent, the income earned provides ongoing funding to Canada’s many National Sport Organizations and Sport Partners. 

 Donors have two options when making an Endowed Gift.

1.    Donation to the Canadian Olympic Foundation Endowment Fund. This supports the highest priority needs in the sport system each year,

2.    Create a Named Fund whereby the Donor has the opportunity to direct the funds to a sport or area of their specific interest.  

To make an endowed gift or for more information, please contact Selga Apse, Director of Operations & Sport Giving by phone at 416-254-6836 or by email at

Legacy & Estates

A legacy gift allows you the satisfaction and joy of knowing that you are contributing to the ongoing success of Team Canada and will not affect your income during your lifetime. In addition, gifts made to charitable organizations will offer significant tax benefits and a bequest to the Foundation will reduce the amount of taxes owed by your estate. To speak with us directly, please contact Selga Apse, Director of Operations & Sport Giving by phone at 416-254-6836 or by email at

Corporate Giving

Giving through your company is a great way to support Team Canada. Many companies make it easy to give and often match donations – doubling the impact of your gift. If your company is looking to make a substantial impact in the lives of Canada’s extraordinary athletes who are working towards their Olympic dreams, please contact Olivia Oldfield, Philanthropic and Communications Coordinator at 416-570-4238 or by email at

Corporate Matching

Corporate matching gifts are a type of philanthropy in which companies can financially match donations that their employees make to the Canadian Olympic Foundation. When an employee makes a donation, we will request the matching gift from your employer, who then makes their own donation. If you’re interested in more information on how you or your company can support Team Canada through corporate matching, please contact Olivia Oldfield, Philanthropic & Communications Coordinator at 416-570-4238 or by email at

Alumni Giving

As Team Canada alumni we welcome you to continue to make a difference in the lives of current and future Olympians. The Olympians Supporting Olympians Bursary was inspired by Canada’s athletes, whose resilience and determination has been a source of hope and pride for all Canadians, but especially Team Canada alumni. Funded by the donations of Team Canada alumni from across the country, the bursary provides financial support for athletes on their paths to the Olympic Games. If you are a Team Canada Olympian and you would like to give back to Team Canada athletes, please contact Elisa Iannarelli, Philanthropic  Coordinator at 647-376-8975 or by email at or donate directly below.

More Ways To Give


The Canadian Olympic Foundation invites all fans and Canadians abroad who are residing in the United States of America to show their pride and support for Team Canada and the Next Generation of Olympic athletes. We have partnered with Charities Aid Foundation of America to enable U.S residents to make an impact on Team Canada and receive a U.S tax receipt. For more information on international giving, please contact Sami Sherry, Financial Analyst & Philanthropic Specialist at 647-327-1059 or by email at

You can make a donation directly by clicking the button below to make an international gift online.


Having a birthday and want your guest to donate to Team Canada in lieu of birthday gifts? EchoAge is a one-stop shop to set up secure donations while helping you get the word out there to your guests. To learn more about EchoAge, please click below.


If you collect RBC Rewards points, you have the opportunity to redeem your points in the form of a donation to the Canadian Olympic Foundation to help support Team Canada. To donate through the RBC Rewards program, please click the link below.

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