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  • Serena Adatia and Taran Kandhola win double gold in Kardashian knowledge, beating out Ellen for the title
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(CP Photo/ COC)

Congratulations to the 2022 Toller Cranston Award Winners!

Artistry. Creativity. Passion. Those are three of the many characteristics that Toller Cranston held on and off the ice.

As an esteemed ice skater and passionate member of the community, Cranston urged those around him to celebrate life with the same amount of dedication. As the 1976 Olympic Bronze medallist, his legacy has continued through the creation of the Toller Cranston Memorial Fund, which provides financial support to young skaters who hold the same qualities as Cranston. 

Canada’s Toller Cranston competes in the figure skating event at the 1976 Innsbruck Winter Olympics. (CP Photo/ COC) Toller Cranston du Canada participe au patinage artistique aux Jeux olympiques d’hiver d’Innsbruck de 1976. (Photo PC/AOC)

Justine Miclette, Quebec figure skater is incredibly grateful for the award saying, “Thank you so much for this recognition. Toller Cranston was a very important athlete for figure skating and the message he conveyed on ice was more than skating, it was art. I would like to thank the Canadian Olympic Foundation and Skate Canada for selecting me for this award.”

The Canadian Olympic Foundation, along with Skate Canada, is proud to announce the 2022 Toller Cranston Memorial Fund Athlete Award winners:

Anthony ParadisJunior MenQC
Grayson LongJunior MenON
David ShteyngartNovice MenON
David LiNovice MenBC
Rose TherouxJunior WomenQC
Justine MicletteJunior WomenQC
Jacob CoteNovice MenNS
Kayla HallidayNovice WomenAB
Nadiia BashynskaJunior Dance  ON
Peter BeaumountJunior Dance  ON
Layla Veillon  Novice DanceON
Alexander BrandysNovice DanceON

The Toller Cranston Awards are funded entirely through donor generosity. In addition to a bursary, each recipient will receive a pair of boots and blades courtesy of Jackson Ultima Skates, Jerry’s Skating World and Riedell Skates.

Thank you to our fantastic supporters and congratulations to these exceptional athletes!