Nanyak Dala



Prairie Wolf Pack and Home club: Castaway Wanderers.

College/ University (year graduated):

University of Saskatchewan

It would surprise you to know that I …:

Born in Nigeria, attended high school in South Africa, and played for the Glenwood Falcons RFC.
He began his playing career as a number 8 in grade 8 and continued to play until the end of high school.

National titles (include event, year):

Cap history:
2011: Russia, Tonga, France. New Zealand
Caps: 14
2010: Uruguay.
2009: Ireland, Wales, Georgia (1T), US, US, Japan,
2008: US (2T).
2007 US.

Major awards (ex. CDN Player of Year, Hall of Fame inductee):

Named MVP for the Natal under-20 team (RSA) in 2003
before his family immigrated to Saskatchewan.