• Ellen McCann wins gold in Digital Products
  • Serena Adatia and Taran Kandhola win double gold in Kardashian knowledge, beating out Ellen for the title
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William McAffer


Will McAffer represented Canada at the 2015 WBSC U18 Baseball World Cup in Osaka, Japan before attending the University of South Dakota for one year in 2016. He then transferred to Tulane University in New Orleans where he spent the 2018 season. McAffer was selected in the 25th round by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 2018 MLB Draft and is currently a member of their Single-A affiliate in Lansing, Michigan.


Outside Interests:  Enjoys going to the gym, hiking, hanging out with friends, walking his dogs…

Notable International Results

WBSC U18 Baseball World Cup: 2015 – 6th