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Charles Hamelin and Marie-Philip Poulin carry the Canadian flag in the Parade of NationsCOC/Andrew Lahodynskyj
COC/Andrew Lahodynskyj

Memorable moments from the Beijing 2022 Opening Ceremony

Let the Games begin!

On Friday, the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games were officially opened with the Opening Ceremony.

It included some fascinating technology, such as the 11,600 square metres of HD LED screen that formed the centre stage of the Bird’s Nest stadium.

  • The floor illuminated at the Birds Nest stadium
  • A giant snowflake on the floor of the Birds Nest stadium

If you weren’t able to wake up early enough in Canada to see the spectacle live, here’s a quick look back at some of the most memorable moments.

Though we are celebrating the Winter Games, the start of the ceremony was a section called the Beginning of Spring. It is believed by many Chinese people that extreme cold often breeds new life. A group of dancers interpreted a dandelion having its white seeds blown into the air which became fireworks above the Bird’s Nest.

In a dazzling display of technology, the Olympic rings were revealed through some virtual ice breaking. They then rose above the entrance through which the athletes would enter in the Parade of Nations.

Before we knew it, there were Charles Hamelin and Marie-Philip Poulin leading Team Canada in as the proud flag bearers.

  • Team Canada walks under the Olympic rings to enter the Parade of Nations
  • Team Canada walks into the Parade of Nations
  • Team walks in the Parade of Nations

Our athletes certainly looked warm and comfortable (and totally cool) in their red lululemon gear!

  • Team Canada walks in the Parade of Nations
  • Team Canada athletes walk in the Parade of Nations

There was some incredible use of the LED screens on the floor of the stadium as speed skaters revealed the Olympic motto of Faster. Higher, Stronger — Together. Meanwhile, an illuminated ski jumper figure flew in from above.

Then more than 600 children danced and ran around with illuminated dove props as their footsteps activated shining stars and snowflakes on the floor.

Finally, the Olympic flame arrived, carried by five Chinese athletes born in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s before they handed it over to two torchbearers born in the 2000s.

In a change from past Games, they did not light a cauldron. Instead, they inserted the torch into the middle of the giant snowflake formed of the country name placards that had accompanied the 91 teams in the Parade of Nations. It was raised into the sky as the climax of the show. The flame was then carried outside the stadium where another snowflake awaited and this is where the Olympic flame will burn for the next 16 days.

Of course no Opening Ceremony would be complete without fireworks and they were set off as the Games were declared officially open.