Max Parrot during slopestyle run at Sochi 2014Photo: CP/Jonathan Hayward
Photo: CP/Jonathan Hayward

Training time: Showing some snowboard (slope)style

For Training Tuesdays, we’re curating some of the most interesting and creative training moments from athletes. Check out the others here.

Snowboard season is just around the corner and Team Canada athletes are getting ready to rock and roll when the season begins.

In anticipation of the 2020-2021 season, check out some of these wicked and creative moments from Team Canada snowboard slopestyle athletes.

1. Sébastien Toutant

No snow? No problem. Take a look at Olympic big air champion Sébastien Toutant trying out some new tricks on a giant mattress. Toutant finished first in the World Cup slopestyle event in Laax, Switzerland in January. At PyeongChang 2018, he made history by becoming the first-ever Olympic gold medallist in men’s big air.

2. Max Parrot

Max Parrot can be seen here using a trampoline to practice his rail tricks. Yes, a trampoline! Parrot is an eight-time X Games champion and claimed the silver medal in snowboard slopestyle at PyeongChang 2018.

3. Mark McMorris

In the Swiss Alps, Mark McMorris was getting some slopestyle work done, dare we say, in video game mode. A two-time Olympic bronze medallist in slopestyle (Sochi 2014, PyeongChang 2018), McMorris continues to impress.

4. Tyler Nicholson

Now, this is some serious airtime! Tyler Nicholson just keeps on spinning and spinning and spinning! A PyeongChang 2018 Olympian, Nicholson has three World Cup medals on his resume.

5. Darcy Sharpe

One word for Darcy Sharpe nailing the big air jump in Saas-Fee: wow! In late January 2020, Sharpe won his first ever X Games gold medal in men’s snowboard slopestyle. Did you know that his sister is Olympic champion Cassie Sharpe? Cassie is a member of the freestyle ski team.

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6. Liam Brearley

Next Gen athlete and Lausanne 2020 medallist Liam Brearley also made the trip to Saas-Fee to get some work done on the big air Jump. Brearley is a three-time youth Olympic medallist. The teenager also reached the World Cup podium for the first time in his career in February 2020 in men’s snowboard slopestyle at the Calgary stop.

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7. Francis Jobin

The next generation is showing off some tricks. Francis Jobin was also part of the Saas-Fee crew. Jobin just missed the podium at the U.S Grand Prix back in January for men’s slopestyle, finishing in fourth place.

8. Max Parrot

A little more Max Parrot, this time back on snow after eight months off. Take a look at this line that the 26-year-old hit in his return in Yukon.

9. Laurie Blouin

The PyeongChang 2018 silver medallist in slopestyle, Laurie Blouin was jibbing in Yukon. Last season, Blouin earned the silver medal at the FIS Snowboard World Cup at Mammoth Mountain.

10. Mikey Ciccarelli

Mikey Ciccarelli was also up north in Yukon, training his rail section. In 2020, the 24-year-old finished eighth in the snowboard slopestyle competition at the Dew Tour.

11. Jasmine Baird

Jasmine Baird was also in Yukon in preparation for the upcoming season. Baird was showing off some impressive air time ahead of the new season. In 2019 Baird finished first on the podium at the Nor-Am Cup and also shared the podium at the Seiser Alm World Cup with teammate Brooke Voigt.

12. Brooke Voigt

Check out Brooke Voigt up close as she lands a trick after soaring off a jump earlier this year at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary, Alberta. Last season Voigt finished on the World Cup podium three times. This season she’ll be on the hunt for her first-ever World Cup first place finish.

13. Spencer O’Brien

Indeed, it is the most wonderful time for snowboard fans! To get ready for the snowboard season, Spencer O’Brien was carving through the snow while enjoying some awesome mountain views.

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